Ingredients For Your Bridal Bouquet

So the venue is booked, the dress chosen and food selected. Now it’s time to focus on the smaller details that can make your wedding extra special. To help you get inspired - we have put together a few handy tips on choosing the right blooms.

The Focal Flower:

This bloom or blooms are perfect for bouquets, buttonholes and table decorations and will be what the eye is immediately drawn to (second to your dress of course).

The Filler Flower:

These are used to add different colours and textures to the bouquet yet compliment the focal flower.

These little beauties can also be incorporated into buttonholes, corsages and table decorations – complimenting the bridal bouquet.


This is used to add an additional texture and natural feel to the bouquet – it also helps break up the colour of the design. Foliage can also create movement and flow into the bouquet creating different looks. A compact design will require a straight stemmed foliage yet a free, flowing design will require wispy curved stem.

We hope our handy tips have helped you choosing those all important blooms for your big day.

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